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Rasp Guide

Auriou rasps are tapered to allow them to be used more easily. They are stitched to the tip and to the edges. Our range includes cabinet, modellers, rat tail, ironing & combination rasps. Auriou rasps are produced for right handers but all can be handed for left handed use by special request.

Each individual cutting tooth on our rasps and rifflers is raised on a polished blank by the drop of a traditional rasp-makers hammer onto a special barleycorn pick. This gives a slightly random pattern to the cutting teeth resulting in a smoother finish to your work.

There are over 30 separate operations in making our rasps, of which "stitching" is just one. The finer grade rasps will take a highly skilled stitcher like Denis or Jean-Luc as long as 90 minutes to complete. The blank is then heat treated individually by a special process used only by Auriou Toolworks. 

Rasps made by us have been used and appreciated by woodworkers all round the globe including violin makers in Cremona, Italy, by Sam Maloof and his 'boys' in his Californian workshop, planemaker Konrad Sauer, woodturners Michael Hosaluk, Jean Michel Escoulen & Mark Sfirri, Christopher Schwarz, Chairmaker's Brian Boggs & James Mursell, sawmaker Mike Wensloff, and many more, too numerous to mention.

Care and Use Instructions

Please download our Use and Care instructions

Stitching Grain (the cut)

The grain or "cut" is based on a scale of 1 -15 where 1 is super coarse (only ever used in industrial special orders) and 15 is super fine.


Look out for this guide showing the grain of our rasps:


The most popular rasp we make is the 10" (250mm) cabinet makers rasp Grain 9. It is a good balance of length and cutting power. Customers often chose to start with this rasp and then ask for more aggressive or finer rasps depending on the work they do.

Modellers rasps are simply finer, slimmer versions of the cabinet rasps.

We often get asked for an all round set of rasps and of course there is no perfect answer as it depends on the work you want to do. But try these combinations....

Option 1: Buy a couple of combination rasps

  • Albi 10" Combination Rasp - Grains G5 & G9
  • Albi 8" Combination Rasp - Grains G11 & G14

Option 2: Buy a range of rasps

  • Cabinet 10" Rasp - G5 for quick stock removal
  • Cabinet 10" Rasp - G9 - for refining your shape
  • Modellers 7" Rasp - G13 - for further refinement and detailing

But please e-mail us if you need any help choosing.

Rasp Comparison Chart


Special Order Notes

Orders that include Special Order rasps may add 2-5 weeks to the delivery time. Where combined with standard range tools the whole order will not be shipped until complete. These include the left handed options and some superfine cabinet rasps.


Once we fit our French walnut handles they are very difficult to remove. If you do not want your rasp handled then please advise by covering e-mail.


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