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About FSJ

fsj-icon-square-960.png The Forge de Saint Juéry

The forge consists of Michel Auriou and the hard working and talented blacksmiths, grinders and stitchers. It is a highly skilled artisan workforce which strives to keep traditional skills alive.  

The forge cannot and does not wish to run an e-commerce business. Our retail orders to worldwide customers are fulfilled by our partners Classic Hand Tools Ltd in the UK.


cht-icon-square-800.png Why Classic Hand Tools?

Apart from the fact that they are very good at what they do, Classic Hand Tools have stood by the forge through thick and thin for over 20 years. The owner, Mike Hancock, has always been very supportive of what we do here even before he established Classic Hand Tools in 2004.

He has invested time, money, sweat and tears to keep production going at Forge de Saint Juéry. When Michel Auriou regained ownership of FSJ from his European investors (one of which was Classic Hand Tools) he was adamant that Classic Hand Tools should run the e-commerce arm of FSJ.

To this day Classic Hand Tools are the fulfilment partners of the Forge de Saint Juéry and will continue to be into the foreseeable future.

Fraser, Alex, Mike or Andy can help you with any enquiries you may have.



The History of Auriou Toolworks

logoauriou-cadre-couleur-300-x-116.pngThe origins of the business date back over 150 years, to 1856, in Paris.

Way back then, the owner of the forge, Mr Duneau, made tools for artists such as Maillol, Rodin, Camille Claudel, and Belmondo. Riffler blanks were sent to Saint-Juéry to be hand stitched by the blacksmith Paulin Caussé.

Mr Duneau invited Paulin to come to Paris to work. Paulin took the offer and subsequently bought the business from the childless Mr Duneau in 1921.

The Auriou's got involved when Paulin's brother-in-law, Louis Auriou went to Paris to help Paulin with the business.

Louis Auriou came back to Saint-Juéry in 1933. He worked alone until 1960 when he and his son Bernard bought the company from Paulin Caussé. The current forge in Saint Juéry was built in 1967 and extended in 1975.

Today, Michel Auriou, the grandson of Louis, owns and runs the forge.

Auriou are still the only toolmakers to use the original forging techniques which earned them their great reputation. This reputation for fine tools is appreciated by artists and craftspeople throughout the world. The Auriou methods have set the bar for the industry and are flatteringly imitated by our competitors. Yet, nothing beats the original.

Auriou are a small team and this team changes as people retire, move on to follow different interests or, to be blunt, they don't quite cut the mustard. There are no robots, just highly skilled workers producing fine tools for the precision shaping of wood, stone and plaster.