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Chris Pye - Basic Woodcarving Tools


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There are 1​7 tools that make up Chris Pye's "Basic" range of carving tools:

  • ​Series (sweep) #3: W. 5mm (3/16")​, W. 8mm (5/16"), W. 14mm (9/16"), W. 20mm (25/32")​, ​ W. 2​6​mm (​1 1/32").
  • Series (sweep) #6​​: W. 5mm (3/16")​, W. 8mm (5/16"),​ W. 14mm (9/16"), W. 20mm (25/32")​,​ W. 26mm (​1 1/32").
  • Series (sweep) #9:​ W. 5mm (3/16"), W. 8mm (5/16"), ​W. 14mm (9/16"), W. 20mm (25/32")​​, W. 26mm (​1 1/32").
  • Skew Chisel - W. 10mm (13/32"). 60 deg. V tool* - W. 10mm (13/32").


Auriou woodcarving tools have been used by Chris Pye since ​he​ first began carving and are among his favourite tools. Deep gouges for shaping, medium gouges for modelling, flat gouges for smoothing surfaces, and the ever-useful V tool - with these tools you can carve a wide range of subjects.

The blades are uniquely forged by beating out a blank of steel to length, before hammering the cross-section profile. This process creates a resilient grain structure and, when hardened to Rockwell 58C, underpins their great edge-holding properties.

About 10 years ago, Chris enjoyed working with Auriou to redesign these tools. The new gouges have the older, 'allongee' style of blade that splays from the shoulder. They are lighter, with thin walls of uniform thickness, and their corners are more available for cutting.

Chris regards these as some of the finest carving tools being made today and ​is proud to endorse both the tools and the caring, traditional manner in which they are made. Each tool comes with slender octagonal ash handles and polished brass tapered ferules.

*60 deg. V tool is only available as part of the 17 piece set. It is not sold separately.

 PLEASE NOTE - AURIOU TOOLWORKS are to stop making Chris Pye tools sets from May 2024 citing steel availability and production cost factors. So once our stock has been sold, that will be it.

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(4 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Chris Pye's carving chisels

    Posted by Mike Moger on 3rd May 2023

    I bought Pye's chisels for letter carving last year and love them. Now I've bought the set of seventeen carving chisels. They're as beautiful as I expected. All of these chisels are solid quality, designed for ease of use and practical in their comfort and weight. I have many chisels, mostly purchased second hand from a variety of manufacturers. Nothing comes close to the work done at St Jeury Forge and designed by Chris Pye. My great grandchildren will one day use and love these tools.

  • 5
    Chris Pye - Basic Woodcarving Tools

    Posted by Paul Groff on 11th Aug 2022

    These are wonderful tools to use. Please keep making them! Thank you also for the reliable and friendly service.

  • 5
    Excellent Quality A++

    Posted by Jason on 11th Jan 2017

    I purchased this set to accompany the Chris Pye video series and found that the set performs well and the steel is very good quality. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the tool selection and sweep arrangement. I will definitely purchase more in the future. I recommend this set to the beginner as well as the more advanced wood carver.

  • 5
    Gorgeous Product

    Posted by Alec Cullen on 24th Jul 2013

    What can i say? These are beautifully made and presented tools. I highly recommend them, and once I've saved up I'll be buying more Auriou tools. P.S. I'm no expert but they look wonderful to me...