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Cabinet Maker's Rasps


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G4, G5, G6 (Aggressive) or G7, G8, G9, G10, G11 (General) or G12, G13 (Refined))
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Product Overview

Cabinet makers rasps are used for general shaping work. They are relatively wide in proportion to their length to give you considerable cutting power and achieve a surprisingly smooth finish on your work.
The teeth on Auriou rasps are handed in order to take account of the natural position of your hands when pushing the rasp (the same way you often slightly skew a plane when pushing along a board). So, yes, we make left and right handed rasps. When you get your rasp you will soon discover the correct angle (about 30 degrees) to get the maximum efficiency from the teeth on the rasp (you can "hear" the correct angle).

As a general guide you should chose a rasp which is 3 to 4 times longer than the width of the piece you are shaping.
For example - when shaping guitar necks, you first need a 10" (250mm) or 12" (300mm) rasp before moving on to a smaller, finer rasp for more refined shaping.

Auriou rasps do not tear your edges so you can work to a line with the utmost confidence.

The coarsest grain for the cabinet rasp is the 12" (300m) Grain 4, which will remove a lot of material with great efficiency.
(G1 is the coarsest grain - G15 is finest grain).

For general work we suggest the 9" (225mm) Grain 10 cabinet rasp.
If you need help deciding then please e-mail us for advice. We are here to help.

Cabinet Rasp Dimensions

Length Grain Max Width Max Thickness
8" (200m) G11 23mm 4.5mm
9" (225mm) G10 28mm 5.5mm
10" (250mm) G5 32mm 5.5mm
12" (300mm) G4 38mm 6.5mm

Grain Guide

These are precision shaping tools so look carefully at the range and decide what best suits your needs. 

How do Auriou Cabinet Rasps compare with NICHOLSON 49/50?

We often get asked which Auriou is equivalent to the Nicholson 49 & 50 rasps. The closest answer is:

Nicholson 49 = Auriou 10" (250mm) Grain 7 Cabinet Rasp
Nicholson 50 = Auriou 10" (250mm) Grain 9 Cabinet Rasp

Order Notes

Orders that include [Special Order] rasps may add 2-5 weeks to the delivery time. Where combined with standard range tools the whole order will not be shipped until complete. These include the left handed options and some superfine cabinet rasps.

Please note - Our web orders are now being fulfilled by UK based Classic Hand Tools as we have found that this has significantly improved the service to our individual web customers. Classic Hand Tools carry as much stock as we can supply them and ship worldwide. 


(32 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Superb tools

    Posted by Andrew on 5th Jun 2024

    I bought two rasps about ten years ago - a small modeler's and a large cabinet maker's. These tools have touched almost every piece of woodworking I have done over the past decade. They are so versatile, cut so smoothly and have maintained their aggressiveness over what must be hundreds of thousands of strokes against wood. Seriously one of the best investments I have ever made for my shop. They remove material fast when you want them to, even the little 7" 15gr modeler's, but they are so very controllable. They never jump around, dig too deep, or otherwise mar the work. They are fine, fine tools. My trusty combination of the 10" cabinet rasp (10gr) and the 7" modeler's (15gr) worked so well together in roughing shapes, and then refining to the point where all it needs is a light sanding before finish, even considering the huge jump in shape and grain between the two. This was the set recommended by Chris Schwarz. I also have a small round rasp, but that sees much less frequent use than the other two. I have recently picked up two intermediate sized rasps so I can work a bit more efficiently, as my more recent work has involved a lot more curvature, large chamfers, and such. The new tools are just as good as the old. I could have gotten away with the 10" and 7" forever I think. I rarely take the time to write reviews, but these tools are truly special.

  • 5
    cabinet rasp

    Posted by Ohana Baley on 28th Mar 2024

    Finely crafted tool. I'm sure I will enjoy this rasp for many years to come

  • 5
    Cabinet Maker's Rasp G7

    Posted by Worth Brown on 23rd Sep 2023

    What a beautiful tool and a real pleasure to use. Cuts very cleanly and smooth. The customer service advice was prompt and helpful with fast shipping.

  • 5
    8, 10, and 12 grain long rasps

    Posted by Robert Woods on 12th Oct 2022

    Beautiful tools!

  • 5
    Auriou cabinet rasp 10 and modelling rasp 14

    Posted by Reid Moule on 27th Jun 2022

    The difference between these rasps and a local store bought one is the difference between a Rolls Royce and a scooter. These are an absolute joy to use!

  • 5
    Super tool

    Posted by Kristian Jørgensen on 18th Feb 2022

    This rasp is a quality tool.

  • 5
    Top quality

    Posted by Andrew Arnall on 27th Dec 2021

    I’m new to rasps but these are excellent.

  • 5
    Cabinet Maker’s rasp #10

    Posted by Christian on 8th Dec 2021

    Fantastic tool! I used it for much of the shaping work on a walking cane I made and it truly delivered. Never buying a cheap rasp again.

  • 5
    I already have of your rasps, and this one filled in for a gap in my files (#1 - #15). They are excellent. I have other rasps from other company’s. Some handed down from my father. Non of the other files are as good as these . Thank you for your craf

    Posted by John De Fede on 6th Dec 2021

    I hope to purchase more, and when it is time pass them on to my daughter. She has studied to be an architect and enjoys woodworking.

  • 5
    Great quality

    Posted by Patrick de Ruiter on 30th Nov 2021

    Great quality rasp, that doesn't clog like machine-made rasps and gives a far nicer finish. they don't come cheap, but far outperform the machine-made stuff, worth every cent I paid for it though. Very happy with my purchase

  • 5
    Cabinet makers Rasp No4

    Posted by Sina on 11th Nov 2021

    A great Rasp .Arguably the best I've ever used. I rank it above my Liogier sapphire as it doesn't clog up as much as the Liogier.

  • 5

    Posted by Louis Marino on 18th Oct 2021

    The best made in the World by far.