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Cabinet Maker's Rasps


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G4, G5, G6 (Aggressive) or G7, G8, G9, G10, G11 (General) or G12, G13 (Refined))
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Product Overview

Cabinet makers rasps are used for general shaping work. They are relatively wide in proportion to their length to give you considerable cutting power and achieve a surprisingly smooth finish on your work.
The teeth on Auriou rasps are handed in order to take account of the natural position of your hands when pushing the rasp (the same way you often slightly skew a plane when pushing along a board). So, yes, we make left and right handed rasps. When you get your rasp you will soon discover the correct angle (about 30 degrees) to get the maximum efficiency from the teeth on the rasp (you can "hear" the correct angle).

As a general guide you should chose a rasp which is 3 to 4 times longer than the width of the piece you are shaping.
For example - when shaping guitar necks, you first need a 10" (250mm) or 12" (300mm) rasp before moving on to a smaller, finer rasp for more refined shaping.

Auriou rasps do not tear your edges so you can work to a line with the utmost confidence.

The coarsest grain for the cabinet rasp is the 12" (300m) Grain 4, which will remove a lot of material with great efficiency.
(G1 is the coarsest grain - G15 is finest grain).

For general work we suggest the 9" (225mm) Grain 10 cabinet rasp.
If you need help deciding then please e-mail us for advice. We are here to help.

Cabinet Rasp Dimensions

Length Grain Max Width Max Thickness
8" (200m) G11 23mm 4.5mm
9" (225mm) G10 28mm 5.5mm
10" (250mm) G5 32mm 5.5mm
12" (300mm) G4 38mm 6.5mm

Grain Guide

These are precision shaping tools so look carefully at the range and decide what best suits your needs. 

How do Auriou Cabinet Rasps compare with NICHOLSON 49/50?

We often get asked which Auriou is equivalent to the Nicholson 49 & 50 rasps. The closest answer is:

Nicholson 49 = Auriou 10" (250mm) Grain 7 Cabinet Rasp
Nicholson 50 = Auriou 10" (250mm) Grain 9 Cabinet Rasp

Order Notes

Orders that include [Special Order] rasps may add 2-5 weeks to the delivery time. Where combined with standard range tools the whole order will not be shipped until complete. These include the left handed options and some superfine cabinet rasps.

Please note - Our web orders are now being fulfilled by UK based Classic Hand Tools as we have found that this has significantly improved the service to our individual web customers. Classic Hand Tools carry as much stock as we can supply them and ship worldwide. 


(31 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great rasp, quick smooth cut for an aggressive grain

    Posted by Norb Kelly on 20th May 2017

    Wanted a rasp to smooth up after the "Hog". This does a wonderful job quickly removing wood but leaving a decent finish for the grain. Best quality as usual.

  • 5
    Very smooth

    Posted by Dave on 7th Apr 2017

    This rasp was quickly received from France to Alabama. It leaves a very smooth finish. It is well balanced and an excellent tool.

  • 5
    Great Tool

    Posted by Marvin Dodds on 9th Mar 2016

    Doing delicate work in Western Maple and this is the only tool the really worked - progress not frustration.

  • 5
    Beats machine made counterpart hands down

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jan 2015

    I had all but given up on rasps. Based on reviews I thought I would give it one more try. Put it on my Christmas list. I am glad I did! Finish is excellent as is material removal. Two words of advice--get some.

  • 5
    Great rasp

    Posted by John on 2nd Jan 2015

    I've used machine made rasps in the past. They did not work and the use of rasps was not in my tool set. My new Auriou rasp is amazing. I was immediately able to finesse a bridle joint. This is a wonderful tool. Amazing!

  • 5
    Made to a Standard, Not to a Price

    Posted by Doug Sullivan on 22nd Oct 2014

    I'm not a skilled wood worker but even I can see that these tools are far superior to my machine made rasps. I procrastinated for quite some time before I took the plunge and spent the money. Now I wish I had bought them a long time ago. My chair would have been finished sooner and with less effort. I have been using Australian Red Gum, a very hard durable timber with very difficult grain. These rasps made it feel like I was working with soft wood. I'm very happy with my investment.

  • 5
    A must have for chairmaker

    Posted by richard zimmermann on 25th Sep 2013

    Incredible accuracy versus industrial model.