Eperons & Rifflers for Stone

Eperons & Rifflers for Stone

Eperon means 'spur' in the French language. This is an unique design, an Eperon is the universal riffler for sculptors working on soft stone. There are 6 lengths of eperon, the longer the eperon, the coarser the grain.

Forge de Saint Juery also offer 6 types of of rifflers (double ended rasps) with 4 different grains, according to the length of the riffler. Eperons & rifflers can be used on hard stone but not on abrasive stones such as sandstone.

Our reputation for quality and precision is supported by the choice of the finest steel, the special heat treatment and the cut of the teeth. Each tool is formed, one at a time, by hand.

Available direct from the factory and in the UK from Classic Hand Tools and in Germany/Austria from Magma Fine Tools.

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