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Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes

Tools from Lie-Nielsen USA

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks from Maine, USA have been making many of the best production tools in the world for 35 years. We are proud to offer our first selection of these world famous tools to our customers.

Thomas Lie Nielsen & Deneb Pulchalski will be at our Open Doors on June 1 & June 2 at Forge de Saint Juery, Saintt Juery, Albi, France.


Bench Planes are the workhorses of the work shop. Lie Nielsen make all the sizes that Stanley did and Forge de Saint Juery are offering the 4 most popular European sizes.

The frog design is unique—a fully machined mating fit between the frog and the body. The design also allows precise and easy adjustments of the mouth opening from the rear without having to remove the cap and blade.

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